The Directorate of Vitosha Nature Park is a unit of the Executive Forest Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture and Foods. As an administration, though under a different name, it has been operating since 1935, one year after Vitosha was declared a protected territory. In 1996, by order of the Forestry Committee, the Administration of Vitosha National Park was reorganized in 1998 by order of the National Forestry Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Foods into the Directorate of Vitosha Nature Park in accordance with the categories of protected territories adopted by the Law for Protected Territories (published in State Gazette no. 133 on 11.11.1998). The Directorate of Vitosha Nature Park maintains control and coordination in carrying out the park's Management Plan. The main priorities for its execution are:


- Supporting the diversity of the park's ecosystems and protection of the biological diversity in them

- Management and sustainable use of renewable natural resources

- Effective tourism management with preservation of biological and scenic diversity

- Providing opportunities for the development of scientific and educational activities

- Guaranteeing municipal support and development of partnerships in order to achieve the goals of the protected zone